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Your Franchising Consultants business, If you are serious about franchising your you have come to the right place. The Franchise Institute is comprised of a team of franchise professionals, each an expert in their field,who together have helped hundreds of small and medium sized business owners to successfully franchise their business.

The key difference here is The Franchise Institute’s Fixed Fee Guarantee, which means the franchise process is affordable, as you only pay for your recommended program with no nasty surprises. You can opt to have your business franchised over a 6 month, 9 or 12 month time period. And we have a range of flexible and affordable payment terms.

Now we’ve got the issues of affordability out of the way so you can focus on whether franchising is a good idea for your business. The Franchise Institute has over 15 years’ experience and can advise on the viability of expanding your business through franchising.

Franchising can be a great way to grow your business and expand into new locations without a large outlay of capital. It also enables motivated owner operators to join your business and lets you get back to growing your business, not operating it.

So how do you get started? The Franchise Institute has created an innovative program that allows you to franchise your business or idea quickly and easily. With proven models across a range of industries, our unique approach allows small business owners to enter the franchising world with confidence.

And 80% of our clients recoup their money back and then some from the sale of the very first franchisee. This is fantastic return on investment.

Discover how you can franchise your business franchised simply and successfully at a fraction of the price other companies charge.

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If you’re planning to open another location in the next 6-12 months our FREE Franchise Assessment will help put you on the right road.


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We’ve developed a comprehensive FREE online Franchise Foundation Course to help you get franchiseready as quickly as possible.

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Meet Our People

James Corne | Director

Shauna Corne | Director

Peter Sanfilippo | BA, LLB, University of Sydney

Sophie Glove | Trademark and Intellectual Property Specialist

Jonathan Muncey | Franchise lawyer

Emma Jervis | Franchise Lawyer

Narelle Ellis | Graphic Designer

Iain Campbell – Digital Marketing