Can a Mentor really Help You Forward your Franchising Business?

If you are a franchise owner, it’s very likely your independence and entrepreneurial spirit has helped you set up your business and brought you to this stage.

You are very well aware of how much dedication and consistently hard work it takes to ensure your franchise stays afloat and thrives. But running a business is no different from being on a rollercoaster ride, and there will be times when you reach a peak and go through troughs.

The long hours you put in and the stresses that come with being at the helm of a business tend to take their toll over time and there will be points when you feel the whole world is against you and that you are fighting against the tide. At times like these, you need someone to keep your focused and anchored so you can get through the tough phases and get your business back on the fast track to franchising success.

How a mentor can help

This is where a mentor comes into the picture. Not only will this professional provide advice and guidance, but will also support you through thick and thin and help you forward your business:

#1 Discover what your strengths are and where your weaknesses lie

We all really like to think that we have a very good idea of what our strengths & weaknesses are. However, there are times when it takes another set of eyes and objective advice to help us recognize some of our hidden goals, dreams and strengths, as well as our weak points. The objectivity and unbiased approach that a good mentor offers can be invaluable in leveraging your strengths and compensating for your weaknesses.

#2 Help prevent you from slackening

There are times when things in your business begin going south; maybe some experienced people from your team quit or you find that business is slowing down etc. It’s natural for you to become frustrated in situations such as these, but you may also be just too stubborn to recognize what you are doing wrong and change is. The input from an experienced mentor will help give you a fresh objective on things and get you out of this rut. Thrashing out new ideas and strategies with your mentor can motivate and inspire you to make some changes and move forth at a clipping pace.

#3 Get out of your comfort zone

Every franchise owner has certain processes and ideas they are comfortable with and sometimes, it’s very difficult to step out of that groove and try to do things differently; this is especially true if there is an additional expense or a certain amount of risk involved. A mentor will help you look at these strategies and ideas and nudge you in the right direction so you can move forward confidently.

#4 Eliminate roadblocks

There are times when you face roadblocks and will find ways to eliminate them; but sometimes you become your own roadblock and are unable to find a way to uncork new ideas that have been floating around in your head that can help improve efficiency, productivity, your products, and services as well as management within your franchise. The non-judgmental and safe environment that a mentor provides can help provide encouragement and breakthrough these roadblocks that are slowing down your progress.

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