Holiday Season Marketing Tips for Franchisees

The holiday season has already begun and people have started decorating their homes and making gift lists. It’s time for businesses to start running their holiday marketing campaigns and introduce any seasonal promotional offers they might have in the works.¬†The holiday season can be very profitable if you play your cards right but it’s not easy to get customer attention. Here are some marketing tips that can help you create the best campaign for your franchise.

#1 Capitalise on the Holiday Spirit but Stay Unique

Your holiday marketing campaign needs to follow the holiday theme but it must also stand out and be unique. All of your competitors will be running holiday-themed marketing campaigns as well, so you need to be creative if you want to be successful. Most of your customers will appreciate something more humorous or playful in a season where people are bombarded with sappy advertisements.

#2 Create a Personalised Campaign

Customers love to be recognised and addressed personally by brands and will often favour such companies over others. You can also create an ad campaign that requires your customers to become personally involved. For example, you can create a treasure hunt on social media, or form quizzes and puzzles that your customers may share with their connections. This will bring more traffic to your website and allow you to run personalised promotional campaigns as well. For example, you could provide a discount coupon to the winner of an online contest. This will increase engagement during the holiday season by a considerable margin.

#3 Focus on Your Local Community

Franchises are local businesses and every branch has a customer base in a limited area of a city or town. This can be a distinct advantage during a marketing campaign because you can create focused and targeted ads and content that would appeal to the local audience. You can announce daily specials, discounts, special offers, etc in your local newspapers, radio channels, magazines, and other such platforms.

You can even acknowledge or provide special recognition to your regular customers and highlight them in your website or store. Customers love local businesses and personal attention from brands, so such practices will definitely capture their attention.

#4 Express Appreciation

You can make your customers feel warm, welcome, and appreciated if you send them something as simple as a thank you card during the holiday season. Just a warm, heartfelt note with a personal message of how much you appreciate their support and trust will do wonders for your reputation and will endear your brand to your customers. Holidays are a perfect time to express this and establish a good relationship with your customers.

#5 Include Holiday-Themed Images in Your Branding

You can add a small holiday touch to your branding and images during this season. For example, you can add snowflakes or Christmas trees to your website, add a Santa hat to your logo, or a Christmas theme to your packaging. This will create a special environment in your store or website and help you benefit from the holiday spirit and cheer.

While these small changes might not directly impact your marketing campaigns, they can help convey a more impactful message. Be sure to plan your marketing carefully because you need to make sure you don’t go overboard or exceed your budget.

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