how a franchise area manager can help a franchisee


Most people who wish to buy into a franchise opt for it mainly because it’s a franchise. This business model is proven and has brand recognition and training processes. This greatly helps in smoother operation, and one of the advantages is having a support staff. You can learn a lot by reaching out to other franchise owners for advice in certain areas. The franchise area manager plays a critical role in your entrepreneurial franchise undertaking.

The Role Of A Franchise Area Manager

The franchise manager’s responsibility is to oversee and develop a franchise presence in a fixed area. Their role is to promote the franchisor’s brand and aid the franchise owners in growing the business. As store sales are a critical element, the franchise manager will be closely involved in this aspect. Besides the points mentioned above, you might ask yourself what the role of a franchise manager is. Here are a few key points to help you better understand what a franchise area manager does for you:

1. Advice and Guide You

An excellent franchise area manager will go out of their way to understand your strengths and provide suggestions on how you can improve the business. They will keep a close eye on day-to-day operations and guide you in certain areas. Bear in mind that a franchise area manager covers several sites in a large area, meaning you will only run into each other once or twice a month. In most instances, you can fix a day and time, allowing you to prepare any questions regarding the business.

2. Ascertains Brand Values

Most people opt into a franchise due to its consistent nature for you and the customers. People know precisely what to expect when buying or delivering a service or product. An area manager helps guide you, your staff, and other franchise locations as to what the brand’s overall mission is. They closely follow the business’s daily operation and offer advice on how to operate within the structure of the brand.

3. Establish and Strengthen Internal Relationships

The franchise area manager will be your first contact if any issues arise. This way, they become the go-between the corporate staff and get you in touch with someone who can provide you with an immediate resolution. Everything from IT departments to any questions regarding accounting, your franchise area manager will ensure a smooth business operation and go above and beyond to offer solutions.

4. Encourage Teamwork

Networking with other franchisees in your area will significantly help in brand promotion. Group training activities or simple meet-and-greets encourage teamwork, which helps create an interdependent workspace. The franchise area manager will organize these for your benefit.

5. Seek Regional Success

The primary focus of many franchise area managers is to generate area sales. When there are numerous unsold sites, they will divert their attention to fill such locations with enthusiastic and eager-to-learn franchise owners. Furthermore, an excellent franchise area manager will aid in running the region with higher efficiency. This entails collaborative efforts or recommendations between stores or additional training for your target demographic. They jump in to help as soon as they notice an issue that you might not.

6. Regional Marketing

In some instances, the franchisor can use area managers to help coordinate local promotions that are targeted to your specific clientele. For new customers, marketing campaigns often take advantage of local attractions like zoo passes to attract potential clients. The franchise area manager will also have a say in the marketing strategies and sponsorships and how to collaborate with sites near your location.

Area managers are often provided bonuses when the area they’re assigned to performs well and serves the company’s overall goal. Their job is to help increase sales and generate higher revenue for the company. However, this also necessitates a commitment to an individual franchisee and the ones located near you. You are more likely to find success with the added help of a group, and a franchise area manager will help ensure this.

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