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In 2020, the world faced one of its most severe pandemics in recent memory, forcing many businesses to shut down completely. While most countries including Australia have slowly started to lift restrictions, it’s still hard to predict what lies in the future. Although most businesses have opened doors, they still have to follow specific guidelines like enforcing social distancing, mandatory masks, and limiting the number of customers entering an establishment.

This has made shopping increasingly tricky, which is why many people have switched to online shopping. The widespread use of sites like Amazon and other online retailers has made this transition much smoother.

The way most franchises have adapted to the new norm is nothing short of impressive. Businesses have come up with new ways to place orders, make deliveries, and retain customers in this trying time. They made minor changes in operations to ensure a continued revenue stream, all while building a new clientele.

Although most retail stores have opened their doors, they still have to hold on to their new e-customers. If the franchise you operate has a physical store, you should consider mixing up new and old business methods that will help convert online buyers.

How to Use Customer Data

Your online customers provide you with a lot more information than your in-person customers did. You have more information for delivering products, including email addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses. Besides, you also view the shopping history of every customer. This will help you provide them with customised suggestions, email promotions, and special discounts. As a business owner, you can use this information to notify customers of same-day deals at your store via text. You can also fetch their data while shopping and provide them with suitable suggestions based on their previous purchases.

Safety Matters

Thorough cleaning protocols have become the new norm, making it crucial for you to maintain high standards regarding sanitation protocols. Your e-customers may still feel hesitant to enter your business. It is your job to make them feel comfortable and safe, which is why you should consider marketing your determination to help keep your customers healthy.

Create a Destination Experience for Storefront Customers

It can be challenging to convert an existing e-customer to an in-store purchasing one. They are already familiar with all your products, which is a critical factor in getting them in. However, you can advertise a new product launch, a customer appreciation event, or a seasonal menu item to give them a reason to visit your store.

Sell Through Whichever Medium Your Customer Want To Buy

If you may not have initially decided to offer curbside pick-up and take-out orders at your restaurant, you should consider starting it right away. Recent studies indicate that food delivery services will continue to increase in demand.

If you operate a food franchise, your profit margins should be considerably higher with take-out and delivery. This makes it a valuable service to provide to your customers. Regardless of the industry you operate in, it’s essential to offer customers as many shopping avenue options as possible so they can choose one to suit their preferences.

Hold On To Your Covid-Era Services

A large number of your customers, including the ones online, will take an interest in your new menu or products. For instance, if you own and operate a gym franchise and offer outdoor spinning classes, you may discover that people enjoy being outside. This creative approach with your new services, especially when people are a little wary of working out at gyms, will keep existing customers happy.

Landlords have now taken an interest in working with retailers, giving you more room to negotiate for more space that may even include an outdoor area. In case you offer an online spinning or Pilates class, you should hold on to that service. The same concept can work with many other franchise businesses.

This pandemic resulted in a massive surge in how businesses handle their digital platforms. Franchises have to come up with new ways to engage with and hold on to e-customers. This includes using technology to make communication easier and provide them with products and services that differ from your pre-pandemic operation.

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