How to Use Mobile Marketing Techniques to Drive Customers to Your Business

Mobile phones have become almost ubiquitous. It’s rare to find an adult in Australia who doesn’t own a phone and most of them have smart devices. People are always on their phones and are constantly connected to the Internet. This presents a good marketing opportunity, especially to small business and franchise owners. However, most franchise owners struggle to find the best strategy for their brand and don’t know how to engage audiences on this platform. Here are some tips that can help you:

#1 Optimize Your Online Presence for the Mobile Platform

Before you consider mobile marketing strategies and techniques, you should optimize your online presence to be better suited for the mobile platform. This means you should make sure your website is quick to load, light-weight, well-structured, and suitable for small mobile phone screens. The best way to test this is to visit your website through your mobile phone to understand just how well it works.

If your website doesn’t load quickly, there’s trouble clicking on the links, doesn’t have enough white-space to navigate the page, and other such problems, you need to hire a web developer to optimize your site for a mobile audience. That’s especially important for small and local franchise business because most of your target audiences will use their smart devices to reach you.

#2 Focus on Local Search

Local search is dominated by the mobile audience so it’s important to optimise your marketing in this sphere. Here are some of the steps you should take to get the best results

  • Make sure that your name, address, and phone number data are accurate. Bad data can compromise your ranking and mislead your clients, which is always bad for your company reputation.
  • Check your map listing and ensure the pin is placed at the right location. You customers will use maps to find their way to your store. If the location data isn’t accurate, you might lose customers.
  • Use location specific keywords in your marketing. For example, if your franchise is located in Melbourne, use long-tail keywords relevant to your industry in your content and ads. This will draw local mobile audience to you.
  • Account for voice search and personal assistants on mobile phones. People often use voice commands to either SIRI or Google Assistant to find locations, products, or stores on the internet. They’ll ask questions like “where’s the nearest coffee shop”, etc. Your marketing should include keywords that target these search phrases to draw more foot traffic to your store.

You can also set up ads that target customers close to your location based on their device’s GPS data.

#3 Mobile Customer Service

You can improve the overall customer service provided by your business through mobile options. This can be through an app or a dedicated mobile chat service. You can also have special numbers where your customers can send texts and get an immediate response.

Excellent customer service will improve your reputation and the convenience of mobile will make your customers more loyal to you. You can also create an app that would make shopping more convenient for your frequent shoppers. Customers will only download an app if they like a brand and purchase a product or heir their services regularly.

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