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Unique opportunities in an in-demand industry


ASNU has franchise opportunities for licensedtradespeople, eager to step up and run their own territory.
Securing an ASNU territory, will provide the freedom being your own boss withthe support of a large organisation. A rewarding work life balance and excellent income earning potential.

Why, Franchising with ASNU is advantageous for Tradespeople.

You’re a great tradie, you love your trade and enjoy your daily work of painting a house or building a Deck.
You dream of the freedom of being your own boss.
But when it comes to finding new clients, advertising, online marketing, sourcing leads, qualifying leads, appointment scheduling, quoting appointments, accounts, bookkeeping and chasing of payments. It’s can become overwhelming. Scary even.
Let alone competitively pricing jobs, to make money.
ASNU franchisees receive back-end business support and personalised one on one training in efficient quoting, estimate effectively and sales selling training.

Why, Franchising with ASNU is profitable for Tradies.
As a member of the ASNU Group of Trades team, franchises are awarded with the association of a prestige of professional brand, providing top quality trade-based services to residential homeowners and commercial properties.

ASNU Franchisees can focus on their trade skills, whilst earning exceptional profits for all hands-on trade work.

Franchisees do not have to worry about finding new work. Or pay exorbitant prices for new client referrals from competitive price based online companies such as HIPages.

Franchisees are provided with enough qualified leads to keep continually working and earning high-end rates.

Benefits of becoming ASNU Franchisee are:
Financially Rewarding
Franchisees receive top rate trade industry equivalent rates, earning exceptional profits for all hands-on trade work.
Qualified Leads
Franchisees are provided with enough qualified leads to continually work and earn high-end rates.
Business Support
ASNU franchisees receive back-end business support.

– Administration

– Marketing

– Accounting

– Appointment scheduling

– Works scheduling

Easy-to-use Business Systems

Professional in house … Simple easy in such as contact information, quoting, works scheduling and invoicing tools.

Signage Provided

On site ASNU signage including Banners and A Frame signs.

Vehicle signage on Vans.
Personalised Training

Personalised one on one training in quoting and sales.

Time Management

Do what your good at (your trade) and let everything else be managed by the ASNU support team.

Work Life Balance

ASNU Franchisees receive support with the time-consuming elements of running a business.

Liberated from of the daily burdens of business, provides franchisees more free time than other business opportunities.

Our Franchisees do not have to worry about finding continual work or scheduling works. Instead, they can focus on their trade. Utilising billable hours within the week for earning exceptional rates for hands-on trade work.

Franchisee Opportunities Open To

– Licensed Painters

– Licensed Carpenters

– Licensed Tillers

– Licensed Electricians

– Licensed Builders

Options available to work individually in a team of one or run a team of tradespeople.

1. One Tradesperson in one ASNU fitted out van (van not included)

2. Two or more Tradespeople in a ASNU fitted out van(van not included)

Team Of Tradespeople Working Together

As a member of the ASNU Group of Trades team, franchises become a part of a prestige brand providing top quality trade-based services such as home maintenance, repairs and renovations to residential homeowners and commercial properties.

ASNU provides convenience, by providing clientele full-service of trade solutions. Our all-inclusive approach of managing jobs from start to finish often requires scheduling multiple ASNU tradespeople to one client.

Properties often require different tradespeople to complete the overall repairs. A damaged timber facia gable or deck will require repair from a Carpenter before painting by a Painter.

Our network of tradies provides ongoing business opportunities. All franchisees receive the benefits of our established in-house referral system and benefits of work as a team via professional partnership.


For most, starting a new business is risky. Questions like ‘what if I can’t make enough money’? ASNU understands and recognizes these feelings. With our opportunity, Franchisees earn exceptional rates for billable hours. While the job is managed stress free by the ASNU support team.

Options to work individually or run a team of tradespeople.

Company Background

ASNU Group of Trades creates the ultimate one stop shop for professional painting, electrical, carpentry, roofing, tiling, and decking. Unlike other franchise opportunities that focus on one trade, ASNU provides convenience and the opportunity to fully service residential and commercial clientele with an all-inclusive approach. While they can do any type of job, their niche is the home maintenance sector.

The brand has established a trusted name and easy-to-use business systems such as contact, quoting, scheduling, and invoicing tools.

The ASNU head office can handle the back end of the business, including marketing, bookings, scheduling jobs and managing payments, so that the franchise partner can focus on the work.

Alternatively, partners can take on more of the back end work themselves and retain more profits.

The ASNU Group of Trades approach has struck a chord with customers.

Established in 2012, ASNU has grown rapidly to a premium established brand.

– ASNU has many satisfied customers with more than 10,000 returning clients.

– In 2019 provided over $20 million in quotes

ASNU has competitive prices and excellent quoting system and sales converting procedures.

It’s this experience and know-how they share with their franchise partners with one-on-one personalised training in estimating, quoting for profitability and sales conversions.

Business Support

For some tradies the thought of doing marketing, quoting jobs, selling,and following up payments is daunting.

But rest assured at ASNU Group of Trades head office can take care of all of this for you.

Back-end support includes.

– Sourcing new clients

– Advertising

– vehicle signage

– online marketing

– sourcing leads

– qualifying leads

– appointment scheduling

– quoting appointments

– accounting

– bookkeeping

– chasing payments.

– Quoting jobs

– Personalised oneon one training

Alternatively, if you are comfortable with this type of back end work you can opt to do yourself and, in doing so, keep a bigger slice of the profits.