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High-traffic business with low set-up costs

JavaLife Drive Thru Coffee provides delicious coffee and breakfast foods from drive-through locations in high-traffic areas. The quick service offered by the friendly staff has built a loyal following of repeat customers. Starting on the South Coast of New South Wales, each site is strategically placed with convenient water and power access for our custom-built trailers. Shipping container storage facilities are also available for sites which require it.

We offer franchise partners benefits which combine to create a quicker return on investment.

    – Low set up costs, making it easier to enter the market

    – Low ongoing equipment and supply costs

    – Highly desired product

5 great reasons to partner with JavaLife Drive Thru

1. Recession Proof Product

With the rapidly changing economic environment many businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat. However even in tough times people still want to drink coffee and grab a bite on their way to work. This makes JavaLife Drive Thru recession proof and popular in both challenging economic and plentiful times.

2 Simple Menu

Fundamental to JavaLife Drive Thru’s business model is our ability to thrive on a simple paired down menu. Unlike lots of food retail businesses we don’t have hundreds of items which require high stock levels with the potential for wastage. This makes it a simple and cost-effective business to operate.

3 Regular customer base

Great tasting food, friendly fast service and a convenient location means that JavaLife Drive Thru has lots of regular customers who buy from us daily. We know that a happy customer is worth their weight in coffee because they generate repeat business and increases word of mouth referrals. From a business perspective this keeps marketing costs low and profits high.

4 Track Record

JavaLife Drive Thru has been in business since 2013 and has operated multiple locations. During this 8-year period we have worked hard to:

    – perfect our product offerings

    – establish a reliable supplier network

    – increase our customer database

    – refine our marketing systems

    – found a brand name

    – implement tried and tested business methodologies

It’s this business know how and experience that we are able to share with our franchise partners to help fast track their success!

5 Work life Balance

Work life balance is hard to achieve in manybusinesses and particularly in the food industry.Many cafés/restaurants are open 7 days a weekfrom morning till late at night. But JavaLife DriveThru is different. Because it was founded by abusy mum who had 3 kids under the age of 3,it has always been a business which allows youto take the afternoon and evenings off and befinished by 12 noon on a Saturday. Sure, thereare early morning starts but the working day is over by 1pm. JavaLife Drive Thru will give you abusiness that makes money as well as one whichallows you to have family time too.

Territories Available

Franchises are available in metropolitan and regional areas – in fact, any road or highway with a lot of passing traffic suits a JavaLife Drive Thru franchise.