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Established in 1987 Kleenitis one of Australia’s premier providers of high-pressure cleaning, floor coatings, graffiti removal.

Kleenit provide high pressure cleaning of driveways, patios, decking, houses, factory floors, hotels, shopping centre, fuel stations, schools, railways and boat ramp – just to name a few.

Kleenit offers franchise partners:

A Proven business model. One of the huge benefits of a franchise isplugging your enterprise into a proven, successfulmodel. You don’t have to start designing yoursystems from scratch, avoiding costly trial anderror, or reinventing the wheel.Investing in a Kleenit franchise means many ofthe tedious administration tasks are taken care of,so you can get straight to work and earn moneyby servicing your clients. you grow your business.

Comprehensive Training and Support Even if you’re completely new to the industry, our comprehensive training will teach you how to perform your duties effectively, efficiently and safely. Then, as you progress through our 12-month business and management development program, you’ll grow your skills and confidence in new areas.

Your very own territory When you invest in a Kleenit franchise you will have the opportunity to choose your exclusive franchised area. No other Kleenit franchisee will be permitted to market their services in your area.

Multiple income streams Kleenit franchisees are successful because they can provide a wide range of services to a wide range of markets.

Clients we work with

The company has established relationships, tenders and contracts with the organisations below, as well as others, that require repeat work.

Proven, Profitable Business

If you are looking for a proven business with more than 30 years of industry experience, more than 40 franchises Australia wide, extensive head office support and comprehensive training, then enquire today