how many hours will you have to work as a franchise owner


If you are a prospective franchise owner, you must be very curious about various processes and nitty-gritty about franchising. One question that always arises is related to the amount of time a franchisee owner needs to work. Are there any days off, and how many hours a day will you have to work?

It can be pretty challenging to determine which type of franchise you want. If the proposition involves long working hours every day, you may feel like reconsidering your decision. The fact is that there is no definite answer to this question. However, if you look closely at the franchise network you plan to be a part of, you may get some answers.

Fortune Comes To Those Who Work Hard

Working long hours may not always translate to business success. However, when you are setting up any business, hard work is a given. Being dedicated, committed, and hardworking has its rewards, and these aspects are the cornerstones of success. More often than not, all these things also mean that you have to put in several stressful and tiring hours into a new business venture.

New franchisees have to learn about the management functions and the business itself. If you run a retail location for a big franchise, you will need to be physically present at the store. It’s the only way to develop relationships with customers, so they come back for more. A new business will need you, but things get easier over time.

Pick Your Timings Well

Every franchise business will need different levels of commitment, which vary from one industry to the next. For instance, if you own a house cleaning franchise, you may have to work specific hours and maybe weekends. This aspect also depends on the franchise network you are associated with. On the other hand, if you own a shipping store franchise, you may have to work for extended hours. If your revenue depends on foot traffic at a retail outlet (like during the holidays), you may have to put in more hours and hire more personnel to manage the increase in demand.

Think Through Everything Carefully

When buying a franchise, you will consider fees, loans, investments, location, industry, and time plays a significant role. Some questions you need to ask yourself at this point include:

  • Are you a workaholic and a control freak?- If yes, you will have to put in more hours and may find yourself handling most of the responsibilities yourself.
  • Does the franchising model sync with your overall expectations of open hours or seasonality?
  • Are your family members accommodating enough to accept that business and time demands will change?
  • Do you have other important commitments that are more sacred to you? So if you feel that attending your kid’s school recital or traditional Sunday family brunch is a priority, then you need to give more thought to whether a franchise is for you.
  • Are you open to putting in the effort now while taking things easy later on? Once the business grows, you can bring on more staff to ease the burden as soon as you have a steady revenue flow.
  • Some franchise models are perfect for those who prefer being part-time business owners, and you can check whether there is something like this for you.

There is no single answer to how many hours you will be at work as a new franchisee. You will have to determine what is a priority for you and look for franchising opportunities accordingly.

For most, a franchise venture means long workdays with more hours spent afterward on learning the ropes. Determine what is essential for you and give thought to the things you might have to compromise on while building a solid foundation and finding your footing in the industry. Once you create a strong base and hone your skills and knowledge, you will find that you have more time on your hands.

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