tips to running a successful coffee franchise


Amy Richards, Franchisor Javalife Drive Thru Coffee

1. Be Passionate and Believe in Your Concept, Products and Service

It might sound obvious, but if you don’t believe in your brand and your business, then no-one will. So be passionate about what you are doing. If you love your coffee and believe that the food you serve is fresh and delicious, it will translate to better service, better coffee and better food for your clients and customers. It’s about putting love into everything you do. Always. If you build it… they will come.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Understanding your customers’ needs and ensuring a great experience is the core of running a successful coffee franchise. Having a genuine love for people, making your customers feel welcome and always offering a smile. And it’s not just about you. Having staff that can happily and consistently deliver exceptional customer service with a smile, is imperative to running your business.

And remember, if there is ever a problem, stick to the adage; the customer is always right. Take the time to listen to your customers’ concerns. If they’re unhappy, replace the product or offer it for free. Find solutions that are positive and proactive. In nearly every situation, positive conflict resolution is going to be better for everyone.

3. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

And then more consistency! Let’s be honest, when it comes to their morning coffee, people want to know exactly what they are going to get. Every. Single. Time. So set your standards high and deliver that standard in every cup. Every day.

Repeat customers are going to be the backbone of your business and consistency is key to finding them and keeping them.

4. Do what you say/advertise

It’s all about integrity, because integrity builds reputation, and a great reputation will translate to long term financial performance.

On a day-to-day level that means never letting the customer down and always delivering what you promise. Whether it’s opening hours, price points, availability of what’s on the menu, milk choices, the temperature of their coffee. There’s no room for short cuts if you want to build and maintain a great reputation.

On a business level integrity means maintaining ethical behaviours throughout your business. Looking after your staff, being accountable and acting honestly in all your dealings. Maintaining good relationships with your employees, suppliers and local regulators are all important to running a successful franchise.

5. Quality and Quality Control

That means the freshest and highest-quality ingredients. No exceptions.

To build your customer base you need to consistently exceed their expectations, so take pride in what you do, and what you serve. If in doubt, chuck it out. If it’s not up to quality, do it again. Be passionate about your products and be proud of what you serve. If your suppliers aren’t delivering the quality you expect, find a new supplier. Every link in the chain matters.

6. Focus on Building Repeat Customers

Coffee businesses need repeat customers to thrive, or as we like to call them ‘regulars!.’ Yes, fantastic products, great service and consistency are all important in building a repeat customer base, but the number one secret to turning a customer into a ‘regular’ is familiarity. At the end of the day, people want to feel like they belong, and if your barista knows your name, knows your coffee order or knows your favourite breakfast treat, you are more likely to feel welcome, and like you belong, and that is what will keep you coming back again and again. That and consistently great coffee. ☺

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