franchise businesses that have been able to weather the pandemic storm


No matter which business owner you speak with, one of the most typical discussion topics is how the pandemic has changed everyday business operations. Some have been affected worse than others have, but very few have gone unscathed. Many franchises are struggling to stay afloat, and several others have gone under.

Why Franchising Is a Good Investment Choice

Opening a business can be scary at any time, and risks are part of it. This is truer when you start a business from scratch. It’s also why many people prefer to invest in a franchise as it helps to mitigate the risk to some extent. Since a franchise network has support and a proven system, the chances of success are greater. It’s also why many people are veering towards franchising now.

If you’d been considering franchising before the pandemic and put your plans on hold, now’s the time to revisit that decision, because:

  • The job market is in shambles
  • Lending is cheaper
  • Landlords are more amenable to making deals

While all these aspects seem conducive to starting a business, you still need to check various things to determine whether a particular franchise business is right for you. Also, you need to check whether you would be able to manage all the responsibilities involved in running it successfully.

Only the franchisee themselves can guarantee the success of their venture. One of the most crucial aspects is to follow the franchisor’s set system, as it is proven and well established. If you feel you can’t do that, then you need to give up the thought of owning a franchise. Not following the franchisor’s processes is one of the primary reasons franchisees fail.

You also need to be excited about being part of that network and brand and align with its values while believing in the concept. Once you have these factors in place and look for a recession-proof franchising segment, you can play it safely.

Businesses That Are More Sustainable Through the Pandemic

So is there some COVID-proof investment that you can consider if you have been planning to dive into the franchising space for some time? There is no guarantee that a particular investment will be unaffected by an unprecedented situation like the current pandemic. However, specific segments are better positioned than others.

Here we look at some franchise businesses that have been able to weather the pandemic storm:

Businesses that provide “essential” services have remained almost unscathed during the pandemic. Every state and local jurisdiction has some standards set for businesses being deemed essential or non-essential- but some standards remain the same nationwide. With this in view, here we look at some franchises you can consider pandemic-proof:

  • Food Franchises – These fall under the “essential” category and have been permitted to keep their doors open even in the current situation. Of course, that isn’t a guarantee for success. Their performance has depended on factors like adaptability, innovation, and how well they have adapted and evolved to accommodate the changing needs during the pandemic. Deliveries and curbside pickups have kept many diners and fast-food franchises going.
  • Commercial Cleaning – Businesses that provide commercial cleaning services have done pretty well for themselves, even in the current situation. Companies, offices, and other commercial establishments that are open have found the need to hire professionals for sanitisation and cleaning. Even companies that typically provide water and fire damage restoration services adapted and moved almost full-time to serving clients that needed sanitisation solutions. The need for more frequent cleaning and sanitation will be a long-term need.
  • Senior Care – During the pandemic, there has been a rise in the demand for senior care services. Since the elderly are at a high risk for catching the infection, many families have chosen to relocate their loved ones from senior living facilities and nursing establishments to their homes. This service is considered recession-proof and “essential”.

Businesses that cater to residential and commercial customers and provide COVID-signage products and services such as plumbing, painting, window cleaning, and other repairs have done well even during the lockdown.

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