New Year Resolutions for Franchisees

You’ve set up shop and are now a franchise owner. It is definitely an exciting time but it’s also easy to get caught up in all the daily tasks. It is an old tradition to form resolutions during New Year to see what we can achieve in these 365 days. Here are a few resolutions that can help you find success and happiness in your business in 2019:

#1 Aim to Achieve Greater Clarity in Your Franchise

Having a goal of “success” or “growth” is a trap that many fall into. Even though there isn’t anything wrong with having these goals set, they lack direction and depth. Having these elements is crucial to keep your franchise on track. But rather than just setting goals, resolve to achieve better clarity this year.

Focusing on growth can result in an increase in revenues, clients or profits. Each of them require a specific approach. Define what success means to you and your company if that’s what your goal is. It can either be success in having a higher revenue or could be your reputation in the community. Defining these words and focusing on each of these specifics can turn your goals into reality.

#2 Resolve to Improve Professionally & Personally

Many franchise owners are so caught up in their work that they neglect professional and personal growth. You may have a lot of things on your plate in your new journey, but that cannot come in the way of learning, maintaining focus on improvement or trying new things.

Putting in extra effort to try and accomplish these things will ensure that you find success. Have a clear vision of what improvement looks like for you and aim to achieve that. For example, it might include reading a new book each month or attending a webinar. Do not neglect growth no matter how it looks.

#3 Resolve To Network

Many franchise owners are so caught up in work that they forget to network quite often. Resolve to get more active and engage in your community. When you meet new people the chances of new doors opening for your franchise increase.

#4 Resolve To Collaborate

Resolve to act on newfound business relations in addition to networking and start collaborating. Partnerships can increase your franchise’s success, but they do take a considerable amount of effort. You will have a much more intentional approach to form new relations by resolving to collaborate. In turn, this will help push your business growth forward.

#5 Resolve to Get Organized

Clarity, success, growth or partnerships take a lot of effort and dont happen easily; being organized is important. Resolve to set up systems for your franchise. Keep your back office organized, this ensures you will have a solid foundation to properly guide your business through the year.

While making resolutions is something that can come easily, following up on them doesn’t. Like many other things, it takes resolve and perseverance to see some things through. It’s a good idea to keep a close friend or mentor in the loop about the resolutions you have made.

It’s a great way to have someone to support you and keep you on track in case you lose sight of your objectives. Running a business is always about being consistent and making sure that you are focused in everything you do. This holds true in the case of any resolutions you make for 2019 too.

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