Top Tips From The Boost Juice Franchising Model

Boost Juice is one of Australia’s franchise success stories. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since you can hardly walk around a shopping centre these days without seeing a distinctive green and orange Boost shop somewhere!

It’s also a pretty classic tale of business success – from humble beginnings in a small shop in Adelaide, Boost has grown into a business which now boasts 300 stores in 10 countries. Of course, it took a lot of hard work, passion, drive, and total commitment to the customer base along the way.

The franchise has also won numerous accolades, including the Price Waterhouse Coopers Franchise of the Year award in 2005, the National Retailers Association Supreme Award for Best Retailer in 2007, and the Franchise Council of Australia’s International Franchise Award in 2010. Read on below for some top tips from the Boost Juice Franchising model.

Boost’s founder Janine Allis intended to expand and franchise the business from the outset. Her franchising advice includes:

  • Getting the right franchisees is as important as hiring the right employees. Without the right people on board, it can be hard to get started.
  • The customer knows best – Janine is ‘110%’ customer-focused, and expects this same standard for all Boost stores.
  • Know what your customers want – Janine conducts market research such as focus groups. Customers are also encouraged to provide honest feedback – not just the good stuff!
  • Ensure all employees and franchisees are well-trained and good communicators, and are willing to be open and transparent.
  • Spend time analysing your business so that you can see where problems are occurring and develop working systems to overcome them. Learn from your mistakes!

Tips from a former ‘Boostie’:

Elizabeth Gillam is an ex-franchisee of the Boost Juice system. As a presenter at the Boost Juice Fiji Conference in 2013, she gave out a number of tips for franchisee success, including:

  • Love the brand – after all you are a reflection of it.
  • Love your team – you be the one to establish the culture in your store. Be respectful, and firm but fair in relating to your team members.
  • Be the best – don’t just expect others to excel. Make sure you are the best worker at the jobs in your business.
  • Know your business well – this includes knowing what you want to achieve and by when, and how to go about it. In other words – set goals and plan steps for achieving them.
  • Set KPIs – and analyse them. This includes knowing your sales per labour hour, your average transaction value, and your COGS.
  • Use available technology – for example set up Google accounts, and sync your contacts and calendars, and make use of Apps.
  • Use what works – for Elizabeth this included refreshing menus and pricing yearly, sourcing the best price for products, and designing shop fit-outs with current trends in mind.

Where to from here?

Franchising can be an excellent way to grow your business, but it does need to be done correctly. If you would like to know more about how to franchise your business, we offer a free 30-minute session where we have an in depth conversation about franchising your business, and help you determine if franchising is for you. We can even become your mentor and franchise consultant if you do decide to go ahead.

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