The Success Story Behind Poolwerx

Poolwerx is one of the most recognizable franchise chains in Australia, and has enjoyed tremendous success over a short period of time. The company was only established in 1992 and in a matter of 24 years it has become a household name in Australia and expanded its business to the US as well. At The Franchise Institute, we believe that Poolwerx did several things right, which is why it’s one of the most successful franchise business in Australia.

About Poolwerx

Poolwerx is a pool and spa maintenance network and is considered Australia’s largest. Their tagline “for healthy pool people” tells clients that they work to ensure the pools and spas are clean and safe for swimming. They cater to both commercial and residential clients and offer a wide range of services. Today, Poolwerx has over 330 franchises that cover over 240 franchise locations in 3 countries. The company was established by John O’Brien, who has since won several accolades and awards for his innovative techniques and business practices.

How Did They Become a Success Story?

Poolwerx is so successful because the company had a solid system in place from the beginning. Here are some reasons behind the franchise’s success in Australia and beyond:

Brand Value

Poolwerx has great brand value because everything from marketing to logos and brand design is on point. The company is a very recognisable name and is stable enough to be a part of this industry for over two decades. Because it’s a well-established brand, it’s considered a good franchise opportunity and people purchase it. That in turn increases the influence of the brand so there’s a give and take between the two aspects of the business when it comes to brand value.

Different Revenue Streams

One of the reasons why Poolwerx is so successful is because it offers four different revenue streams to franchisees. That includes mobile pool servicing, commercial maintenance contracts, retail of pools and spa products for DIY customers, and online product sales. Different revenue streams leads to more potential profits and income, which makes the company a coveted franchise opportunity.


Poolwerx gives franchisees the opportunity to choose their market and capacity of service. It covers everything from small one-off residential pool cleaning jobs to large commercial maintenance contracts. If you’re a newly established business that doesn’t want to delve into big contracts as of yet, you can purchase a smaller franchise that does only small residential servicing.

Franchising System

Poolwerx is the first company to offer structured Career Path Franchising opportunity to franchisees. This gives them the potential to grow as a business from a single-unit one-area venture to a multi-unit, multi-location business. The potential business size and revenue isn’t limited, which makes Poolwerx a very attractive option.

Training and Support

The company also offers considerable amount of training and support to franchisees with local classroom sessions, online learning modules, and annual business planning sessions. They have Pool Schools and Winter Workshops to help new business owners and offer 24/7 online training so the franchisee and the staff can learn at their own leisure.

Over the course of two decades, Poolwerx established a comprehensive and efficient system that allowed franchises to flourish and grow. The company believes in the reciprocal relationship between the franchisor and franchisee and works hard to maintain it. That’s an important reason for the brand’s success.

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